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For years I’ve thought of composting. But we’ve never gotten into it.

So what if I ask that we start composting for Christmas?

I’m aware that my parents will probably want me to do the research on how to set this up. When I went to Mexico last I noticed my aunt separated organics from her kitchen waste for separate collection. I wondered, do they do that here? Why not?

And then I discovered City of Surrey’s Proposed Organics Collection Service Program. a study of theirs found that 65% of our garbage is kitchen waste. I remember when we started recycling how much our garbage production went down. Imagine if we’d also cut out kitchen waste! Most exciting is that Surrey plans to start a City-wide residential organics collection program on July 1, 2012.


  • If you live in Surrey, check out their website and fill in their online questionnaire to help give them feedback on their options
  • If you don’t live in Surrey, figure out if there’s composting near you, and if not- why not?? Write to your mayor, start composting at home
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